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Hamer Sisters Dance Camp Classes

18 Dec 2022 6:44 PM | Communications Officer (Administrator)

Belly dance Roots (the only class on Friday. It is at 8pm) 

This class will focus on the old Turkish Belly dance that Christine learned from one of my first belly dance teachers, Rayah Blackstar. Lots of circles and figure 8’s throughout the body. Put aside the tiny, intricate Egyptian hip work, this style calls for big, juicy hip movements. Good for dancers of all levels. *Bring a hip scarf* 

The Village Choreography Part 1

Done in 2 parts, An original Maria Hamer choreography, music by Bal Anat to the song, Village. A high tempo piece chock full of shimmies, quick steps & super sass! Participants who learn this choreography are invited to perform it together at Bayou Belly 2023!!!

The Village Choreography Part 2

In the second class we will learn the rest of this high-energy, beautiful piece that is an absolute joy to dance! Finger Cymbals optional ;-) Snippet can be found here

Maria Hamers "Village" Fusion Evolution 22

Props & Balancing (featuring the fire pot!)

Ever balance 20 brass pots stacked one on top of the other upon your head? Well, we won’t be doing that in this class. We will be learning the basic mechanics of prop balancing as well as about a variety of props used in Rajasthani dance, like the fire pot! Learn how to make your own.

Smoke & Slither (Sunday morning class) 

Explore Taqsim style movements for improvisation that create muscular snakelike movements & stylizations. Drills, Body awareness & combos!

*Optional Cymbals for our finger cymbal players out there

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