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A Program for Remembering How to Fly: FatChanceBellyDance®Style with the Fire Maiden Jerikaye

  • 15 Jul 2022
  • 3:00 PM - 4:45 PM
  • Rock-N-Bowl, 905 Jefferson St, Lafayette, LA 70501
  • 10


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The Fire Maiden from Outer Space brings you technology straight from the Mothership for defying gravity, channeling energy, mesmerizing the masses, and manipulating space and time.  In this detailed step-by-step program, you will awaken your body's innate potential for flow and for flight. Each step in the program is built around a guiding principle, or mantra, that at once serves to explore a particular FCBD®-style movement as well as its underlying energetic and anatomical realities. We will come to see our dance as the embodied knowledge of the major functional lines of connectivity in the body and how they work together to transmit energy. Of key interest will be the axial core and the wingspan as you build a posture that facilitates upward mobility and keeps you connected to your energetic center. Allow me to demystify the subtleties of movement and intention that make our style so unique and other-worldly. I have distilled over a dozen years of teaching experience into one magical formula just for you.  Come fly with me!

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Lafayette, LA

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