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Sahira is a lifelong performer and has studied music, drama and dance since the age of two. She has dedicated the last 22 years of her life to the art of belly dance and her favorite thing in the world is to share the dance with others. She has trained in both Egyptian and Tribal style belly dance as well as Modern and West African and loves to incorporate all of these influences in her art. Sahira is a lifelong musician and head over heels crazy about the zills. She is known for her warm and inviting energy and her tendency towards the ridiculous.

Sahira will teach ZILLS! ZILLS! ZILLS! on Saturday July 16th at 1pm.  Most of us have a love/hate relationship with our zills…and sometimes for good reason! Sahira invites you to learn to love those things on the ends of your fingers as she shows you the zills in a whole new light – as a musical instrument. She will begin by teaching some music theory and then move on to a series of common-sense patterns and cool zill tricks to inspire even the zills-shy among us. Don’t forget your zills!

Sahira is also presenting the Art of Improvisation on Sunday July 17th at 11am. Take that brave leap into the world of solo improvisation! In this class, Sahira will give you a road map, some pointers, a few cheaters, and a wealth of information that will help you improvise with confidence and grace. Musicality and the structure of dance music will also be covered.

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