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20 Mar 2022 4:44 PM | Communications Officer (Administrator)

Hannah and Rosanna Setu return for their 7th year at Bayou Belly Festival. Together they are presenting Something Old, Something New: All of You”. Then Rosanna is teaching Dancing Flame: Drum Solo Choreo. 

Hannah Setu, LMT, MTI, Reiki Teacher, Dance Educator, has 40 years of experience in all aspects of dance and alternative health. After graduating from NTSU in PE and Dance, she moved to New York City where she studied modern dance at both the Martha Graham and Erick Hawkins Schools. She soon moved to Indonesia where she lived for ten years studying classical eastern dance forms and Asian healing therapies. While in Jakarta, she was primary choreographer for The Jakarta Players, staging Broadway productions for the expat community. Back home in 1990, she became a licensed massage therapist. There she began Reiki instruction and in 2006 she received a Master Certification in Hypnosis. She is founder of “Healthy Dancer for Life!” Workshops and presents them with Rosanna as a mother/daughter team so that dancers can enjoy lifelong, injury free dance practice and radiate loving self-awareness and vitality. 

Rosanna Setu, B.A. Psychology, Reiki Master/Teacher in Dallas/Ft. Worth. An award-winning belly dancer, Rosanna started belly dance classes at eleven years old at the Isis Studios in Bedford, Texas. She currently instructs, choreographs and performs there with The Wings of Isis. Rosanna has performed professionally at Scarborough Fair Renaissance Festival in Texas since 2014 as well as instructed workshops at 3rd Coast Tribal Festival in Ft. Worth, ABDC in Austin, Texas, and at Yaa Halla Ya'll in Grapevine, Texas. Hannah and Rosanna have co-presented ‘Healthy Dancer for Life!’ workshops since 2011 for dance festivals across Texas and Louisiana. 

Both can be found at Hannahsetu.com 

Something Old, Something New: All of You”

Hannah and Rosanna are presenting an experiential workshop focusing on self-awareness and compassion. You are invited to experience your own SGS (Spiritual Guidance System) with our very best tips and techniques in centering, starting with hands-on Reiki and concluding with a deeply relaxing guided meditation. Workbook and goody-bag included.

Rosanna's Workshop will be Dancing Flame: Drum Solo Choreo

Set your soul on fire and feed the flame with this red-hot drum solo choreography workshop! Rosanna presents a sultry and dynamic choreography set to a scorching drum solo by Artem Uzunov. This workshop is full of sinuous undulations, striking isolations, and sizzling shimmies. Let’s turn up the heat!

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